Basecone Workflow

Basecone enables an efficient and controlled workflow

Do you always experience a stressful monthly closing? Not sure if all invoices are already recorded in the accounts? It may just be laying on the desk of your colleague to be authorized? Or still used to printing invoices and sign them using ink?

The Basecone Workflow makes sure we loose all of that. Assign invoices digital, approve, reject, and also provide a fast workflow, all within reach with the new Basecone Workflow module. Below we have summarized some of the key features that are included in this module. Furthermore you will find the ‘mini-roadmap’ for this module because we are not done adding additional features and options!

Assigning authorisers

In the validation screen of Basecone, it is possible to assign up to three Authorisers to a document, after the recording of the transaction in your financial system. The invoice can be booked in the accounting package that is linked to Basecone. All options and possibilities are available as you are accustomed to in Basecone.
By appointing one, two or three users who need to assess the invoice, you decide the workflow of the invoices that will be followed. In this way, first set record your transaction and then the appropriate users will have to take action (authorize, reject etc.).

Automatically block invoices for payment and release them again after approval

Currently this option is only available for companies connected to Twinfield. For companies connected to other Accounting Systems we are still working for an automated solution.

In the company settings it is now possible to activate a setting to make sure an invoice is automatically blocked from being included in a payment batch in your Accounting System if the invoice is not approved by all assigned authorisers yet.
The moment the invoice is approved by all assigned authorisers, the invoice can be released for payment automatically.

Easy and all information at hand!

For users who must authorize invoices, Basecone has developed a new survey. This allows the authoriser to have direct insight into the information pertaining to the invoice, such as invoice date, invoice number and ledger account. This is an all in one list, with all the information summarized on one line. Multiple invoices that are ready to be authorized, can be easily selected using the Ctrl + and / or Shift-click feature as know by almost all users. Multiple selected lines/invoices can be authorized in this way in one time.
A quick view of the invoice is also possible in the same view. This way, you have all information at hand to decide to authorize, reject or maybe put it on Hold for a moment. Quick, easy and complete.

Documents 'On Hold'

Can I authorise this invoice? Or would I just like to email the supplier or ask a question to a colleague related to this invoice? Invoices can be put on the new "On Hold" status. The user needs to provide comments (mandatory) so that all other users know why an invoice is placed On Hold so that they can retain the overview and guard the progress of the Workflow.

Overview please!

Keeping the overview - across different companies and document is extremely important. Not only will you always have to know which colleague or client still has documents in their que, but you always want to know why an invoice is rejected and if there is action to be taken.

Through the new 'Workload Matrix ' for Authorization Administrators the complete overview (insight) can be retained at all times. In the new module, you will always have an easy and complete overview of which document is awaiting who’s approval. The Authorisation administrator can take action by re-assigning the invoice to another user or add comments.

Intervene or chase where necessary

Sometimes it is necessary to intervene as an invoice awaiting authorization for too long. Via the new authorization overview it is now possible to check where each invoice is in the flow and how long an invoice is waiting its next approval. Is this too long, or someone is sick or on leave, this does not have to lead to unnecessary delays. Assign a new authorizer so that the flow can continue. Basecone registers all actions in the timeline per invoice so that it is clear to everyone who has taken which action or added comments.


It is possible to reject documents. When documents are rejected, the user needs to provide the reason for rejection. The Accountant that has booked the invoice, would always like to know why an invoice is rejected. For this reason we have introduced the 'Reject box’ of Basecone. In this box, all rejected invoices can be followed up by the Accountant. One screen, one overview and swift actions are possible.

Basecone Workflow Phase 2

We have developed this new module with care and pleasure. But we know we are not there yet. We are aware that our users have additional needs and they have not all been included in the current version of the new module. Basecone already tried to translate a large part of these needs and demands into additional features and extensions, some of which are already planned and some are even in development.

  1. Further integration and coordination with the payment modules of the accounting packages. This will achieve even greater control and efficiency in the workflow.
  2. Reminders - expansion of the ability to chase certain users on specific invoices that await assessment. Send a reminder by email and / or phone (SMS, WhatsApp)
  3. Automating Workflow Basecone – create and assign fixed Flows of users to certain invoice specifics (Total amount or supplier). Once set and saved, you will have a controlled procuration schedule at your disposal.
  4. Several small adjustments that increase the ease of use, such as sorting and filtering, automatic selection of filters and even quicker and easier to navigate.