Security and Availability

At Basecone, security comes first. Your documents and financial information are always handled with care. In addition, Basecone’s system has proven to be reliable and accessible. It works fast, and it is very user-friendly. Basecone has taken a number of precautions to secure your data and documents.


Data Centers
Basecone provides its services through SAS-70 and ISO-27001 certified data Centers, where all necessary precautions are taken to fend off physical or digital attacks.


Green address bar
Basecone’s web services are only accessible through internet connections which are secured with the best SSL Certificates. When using Basecone, the address bar in your browser will turn green, ensuring you that the connection is encrypted and the website is verified as being Basecone’s.


Active network blocking
Basecone’s network blocks any unusual traffic and actively counteracts if systems are manipulated or disrupted. Whenever irregularities occur, Basecone immediately takes action.


Documents can be delivered by using your own email domain, and emails can be sent and received encrypted.


Basecone is constantly monitoring system loads in order to increase capacity when needed and solve problems before users experience delayed or disrupted services. Proactive capacity planning is very important to Basecone.


Service Level Agreement
Basecone has described its services in a Service Level Agreement. In this SLA, Basecone states what the consequences are if it does not live up to the promised speed and availability of its web services. In short: No cure, no pay!


Seal of security
Basecone performs a thorough daily security scan. You can check the security of our systems yourself, as Basecone publishes a seal with the results of this scan on its login page each day.


Basecone produces encrypted backups of important data on a daily basis. These backups are stored on several media, which are kept in a separate secure location.


Basecone checks the availability of its systems every three minutes to see if the guarantees specified in the Service Level Agreement are met.


Rooted security
The software behind Basecone’s web services has been protected from vulnerabilities from the very first design and programming phase.


Social Engineering
All employees at Basecone sign a code of conduct and a strict non-disclosure agreement. They are familiar with the dangers of phishing and social engineering, a method used by unauthorized third parties to gain access to systems by deceiving employees to provide them with confidential information.