The Power of Basecone

Easy upload

Uploading your documents and receipts has never been this easy. Anywhere, anyhow, anytime. Use the Basecone App, Email or just simply drag and drop your documents in Basecone. Using Webservices you can even use your own web portal or partner application to upload your documents .

Mobile App

Use our free Mobile App designed for iOS and Android. Take a picture of your invoices and receipts and process them immediately in your bookkeeping. All invoices and receipts can be found on your smartphone, anytime, anywhere.

Split and Merge

No need to split your documents before uploading them to Basecone. Create one stack of paper of all of your invoices and receipts and upload them in one go. Use the split and merge option to create new documents or merge pages to one single document. All documents are directly selected and ready to be tagged in bulk.

Document Workflow

Do you wish to let your invoices being authorised before or after you processed them to your Accounting System? Assign an invoice to one, two or three authorisers to let them authorize the invoice. Receive reminders and monitor the flow in Basecone as an Authorisation Administrator. Always in Control.

Your Document Hub

Basecone is your own document hub. Upload and organize your documents easy and organize them, but also lookup, authorize, book and process invoices easily to various (online) Accounting Systems. Process invoices to an ERP of Financial System? Not a problem, your document hub makes it easy and efficient.

Real Time processing

For Basecone, real time is one of the most important aspects. Uploading your documents and have them available immediately for whatever action you would like to perform. Our integrations with both online and offline applications are near to real time. This provides you as a user the best experience and best efficiency gains.


Seamless. This is the best way to describe our integrations. We integrate with Online Applications such as Twinfield, Exact Online and Unit4, but also with offline application such as AccountView (VISMA). Always delivering a real time experience and seamless integration.

Various transaction types

Basecone offers various transaction types. This provides you with the possibility to book sales invoices or maybe even a Journal booking. This way there is always a document as 'evidence' behind each and every transaction.